Barbecuing with cedar planks is not only a delicious summer treat but also adds a unique flavour as the cedar smoke infuses your meats, fish or vegetables. Grilled salmon remains a classic, but shrimp, scallops and any seafood pairs well with cedar including chicken and pork. Another benefit of planking is that it infuses steam, so food stays moist as well as tasty.

Also a healthy way to cook vegetables without using a lot of oil. Try asparagus or summer squash mixed with mushroom, onions and peppers. For a healthy, delectable dessert try peaches, pears or apples hollowed out and filled with dried fruit and a touch of bourbon or a sweet liqueur.


  • Product of Canada
  • White Cedar
  • Sustainably Sourced from Northern Ontario
  • 100% Natural with no preservatives.

White Cedar Grilling Planks, 2-pack/4-pack