Oak Woodchips


Directions to grill with Wood Chips:

For flavourful smoke, soak wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes.

Remove chips from water and drain.

For gas or electric grills: use a smoker box or wrap 1 or 2 cups of chips in foil, punch holes and place over heated grates.

When chips begin to smoke, move them over to cooler side of the grill and cook your food.

For charcoal grills: place woodchips around hot charcoal.

Avoid opening the grill during smoking process to enhance the smoke flavour.


Pairing wood chip with different foods.

Depending on the type of wood, the smoke can be sweet, fruity, nutty or mild. Here are some suggestions on the wood chips that complement and pair well with certain foods.

Apple – Mild and fruity flavour great for chicken, and fish

Mesquite – An earthy aroma, wonderful for Lamb, duck and beef.

Cherry – A mild and sweet fruity flavour. Use for Turkey, chicken or fish

Hickory – Classic sweet wood chips, for beef and ribs.

Maple – Light and mild, good for Poultry, fish and Game

Oak – Popular wood chips. Pairs well with many meats.