The ultimate BBQ kit with everything needed in a basket


We can’t believe it’s 2022! As we embark on our journey this year, we at The BBQ Chef would like to wish you all an amazing start to the New Year filled with good food, good company and good times (pre-lockdown style of course)!!

In the past year, we’ve gone through several changes! We’ve taken the opportunity to update our website to be a fully operational ecommerce site. This means you can purchase our products with our online store. Wahoo! To help our customers, we are offering FREE shipping on all orders over $45.00. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit us!

For our Ontario customers, you have the option to purchase our products on the Ontario Made website. You’ll find some of the greatest manufacturers! Visit!

For our Quebec customers, you may have seen our products at Super C! These products will be made avalable in Ontario grocery store near you very soon!

We’ve added a couple of new products on our website, including our very own The BBQ Chef Grill Scrapers. Hand crafted from Canadian white Cedar, the grill scraper, with it unique ergonomic design is a natural and safe scraper with no risk of metal shards or wire bristles in your food! Not bad eh!

For all our US and Canadian Amazon shoppers, our regular BBQ Chefs products are once again available for Amazon prime shipping! Visit us at or at

For those who are new to the BBQ Chef, our product offerings include easy-to-use smokeboxes, wine-infused grilling planks & all-natural rubs! We are passionate about making your experience cooking in the kitchen or grilling outside be simple & fun!

Visit us, try us & love us. Become one with The BBQ Chef!

One last thing, if you’ve tried our products, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us or write a review! If you haven’t yet, then what are you waiting for!

All the best for 2022! Stay tuned as we have some new and exciting news coming soon!